Dr. Roland Mahayri was awarded his Ph.D (2021) in material sciences at the Sorbonne Paris North University after a research Project on the Ag-Sn intermetallic (IMC) system and power electronics, in collaboration between the French National Center for the Scientific Research (CNRS) and the automotive supplier VALEO. During his Ph.D he worked on the synthesis by polyol medium of the IMCs Ag3Sn and Ag4Sn. Spark plasma sintering was used to sinter the IMCs and to investigate their intrinsic properties with respect to microstructure. Die-bonder was used to prepare power modules using Ag3Sn as a joint for SiC chips. Electrical, termal and mechanical investigations have been evaluated to check the reliability of the power modules.

He obtained two masters degree in materials science, one from Pierre et Marie Curie University (Sorbonne-Paris) and one other from the Lebanese university. He worked at the IMPMC (Paris) institute and the research was focused on the Copper oxide in Sèvres musuem enamels and ceramics (Study of blue, green and red colors). The microstructure and the effect of the Cu ligand fields on the color of glass (Jahn-Teller effect and spin-orbit coupling) were evaluated. Dr. Mahayri worked during his internship at the European institute of membrane (Montpellier, France) on the elaboration of thin films of metal (Ni ad Co) oxides by the Electrospray technique for catalytic application. He validated the catalytic capacities of inorganic layers (cobalt oxide, nickel oxide, mixed oxides) in the production of dihydrogen by the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride. He did research on the development of carbon nanotubes (Electrodeposition) and metallic deposits (Electroless) on polycarbonate membranes metalized by gold and platinum. He worked in the Applied Physics Laboratory (LPA-Lebanon) on the Elaboration of LiTaO3 thin films by Dip coating for photocatalytic application and studied the influence of elaboration parameters on the quality of the obtained inorganic layers.

Since November 2022, Dr. Roland Mahayri is working at CIC energiGUNE as a postdoctoral researcher in the group "Integration of Advanced Electrolytes and Cells" within the Electrochemical Storage area.

Scientific interests

  • Materials science
  • Power electronics
  • Solid-state batteries

Scientific career

  • Synthesis of inorganic materials and ceramics
  • Flash Plasma Sintering and Die-bonding
  • Electrochemical methods and structural characterization

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