Lab technician Yagmur Polat obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry at Hacettepe University located in Ankara, in 2011. Afterwards she attained a master´s degree about polymer science and technology at Istanbul Technical University in 2014. During the master program, she worked in the interdisciplinary platform with a theoretical and practical background of nanocomposites. She studied the influence of natural fillers on the mechanical and thermal properties of EPDM nanocomposites using different characterization methods. Besides, while studying as a master student, she joined a 6-month exchange program in Kaunas Technical University, Lithuania where she participated in the academic project about the influence of natural filler and different orientations of carbon fiber on the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced MMA composites. Between 2014-2016 she worked as R&D researcher in Flokser Group-Poliser PU located in Istanbul where she focused on research and development on polyurethane systems. Meanwhile, she took part in the area of project planning and management in order to get the laboratory accreditation. Since July 2017 she is working at CIC energiGUNE attending different research projects related to thermal energy storage materials.

Scientific interests

  • Renewable energies and energy storage
  • Materials characterization by thermal analysis
  • Polymer chemistry

Scientific career

  • Determination of thermal properties of molten salts, nanofluids, metal alloys and carbon-activated foams
  • Molten salts and nanofluids synthesis

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