Yawen He graduated in Chemical engineering and technology at the University of Southwest Petroleum (Chengdu, China) in 2021. He started research on Si- based composite material, working with Dr. Chamas Mohammd for Li-ion battery on 2017.  The same year, he got the 1st award of scholarship. On 2018, he got the scholarship to the France study. Yawen started his joint PhD research in Institut Charles Gerhardt Aggregates, Interfaces and Materials for Energy (ICGM-AIME) in Montpellier on 2019. He focused on the Operando characterization (XRD, Mössbauer) methods for materials evolution, and the electrochemical impedance study of Si-based anode under the supervision of Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Lippens and Prof. Moulay Tahar Sougrati. On 2021, Yawen went back to China, started as an internship in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, working with Prof. Junhu Wang. The topic there was Prussian blue cathode material Operando-Mössbauer characterization investigating Fe transition. In Nov. of 2021, He finished PhD defense and thesis writing. In december of 2021, Yawen started his first career in Shanshan Technology Co.Ltd. as an senior R&D engineer. His main duties are manufacturing hard carbon material for Na-ion battery combining with the requirement from battery companies (such as CATL etc.).  

Since Abril 2023, he has been working at CIC energiGUNE as a researcher in the Cell Design and Manufacturing group.

Scientific interests

  • Material science, interface, mechanism study.
  • Characterization techniques of materials.
  • Li-ion, Na-ion batteries
  • Electrochemical techniques and behavoirs.

Scientific career

  • Li-ion battery
  • Na-ion battery
  • Carbon material synthesis
  • Composite materials

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