The challenge

Primary zinc-air batteries have very high energy densities, and are applied in stationary solutions (electric shepherds, signaling, etc.) where long battery life is more important than power. Improving both the cell design and the components of the battery to give it more durability is one of the keys to making these batteries a competitive solution against lithium-ion batteries.

The solution

Develop a new cell design that provides greater efficiency to the manufacturing process and provides a more homogeneous cell configuration along with the integration of a novel electrolyte that improves the state of the art of current primary zinc-air batteries by providing greater durability.


Changing the manufacturing methods of the various components will significantly improve manufacturing times, but particularly the new cell design will facilitate the achievement of more homogeneous cells with lower material consumption. The end result will be a reduction in cost with improved performance.


Business Development Manager:

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    CIC energiGUNE helps me to improve the performance of the primary zinc-air batteries in which CEGASA ENERGIA is the market leader
    Igor Cantero Cegasa R&D Director

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