Ainhoa Areta Morales graduated in Chemistry from the University of the Basque Country in 2020. She performed her final degree work in the inorganic chemistry section of the department of applied chemistry of the same faculty, participating in the research project "Design, synthesis and characterization of chiral and enantiopure Metal-Organic Frameworks", making use of various techniques for the structural and functional characterization of new chiral materials. In addition, during the course of the degree, she carried out an external internship in the department of polymer analysis at UPV/EHU with POLYMAT, which consisted of the study of the reaction to obtain polyurethanes without isocyanate by means of FTIR and NMR.

In 2021 she obtained a master´s degree in Forensic Analysis from the UPV/EHU. Her final master´s degree work was developed in the research group "Organic Synthesis in Medicinal Chemistry (OSMC)" on the synthesis of GHB from GBL and its characterization by using techniques such as NMR (1D and 2D), IR, MS and XRD.

In January 2022 she joined CIC energiGUNE as a laboratory technician in the Advanced Electrolytes and Cell Integration group.

Scientific interests

  • Applied chemistry
  • Synthesis and characterization techniques
  • New materials

Scientific career

  • Polymer analysis internships at UPV/EHU with POLYMAT (2018)
  • Degree in Chemistry at UPV/EHU (2020)
  • Master´s degree in Forensic Analysis at UPV/EHU (2021)

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