Ainhoa Bustinza studied chemical engineering in the University of Zaragoza. Thanks to the Erasmus+ grant she was able to spend 1 year in Austria continuing with the degree. During her studies, she made the final project and internship in the Carbochemistry Institute of Zaragoza, the project consisted on the CO2 reduction to CH4 using different transition metals on carbon nanostructures for the hydrogen storage.

After graduating, he worked at CIC energiGUNE as a laboratory technician in the solid-state electroactive materials group. After a period of almost three years, Ainhoa completed a Master´s degree in Advanced Materials Engineering at the UPV, through which she began a professional stage as a process engineer in an industrial company dedicated to the design and engineering of thermal equipment.. In this stage as an engineer, she has managed projects with customers performing functions such as the development of process and instrumentation diagrams, preparation of bids and project implementation, process calculations...

After acquiring this industrial experience, she joined CIC energiGUNE again as an engineer.


Scientific interests

  • New batteries components

Scientific career

  • Storage of hydrogen

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