Compositional analysis methods are normally used and very useful to identify unknow material’s composition, catch out a suspect element in the composition or compare different materials.

What can we do-services

  • Chemical composition analysis (global, mapping, depth profiling).
  • Identification and quantification of secondary phases, additives, dopants and impurities.
  • Analysis available for materials in heterogeneous state: powder, colloids, gels, polymers, microcrystalline, amorphous, films/coatings, soft mater, liquids, organic and inorganic.

For who-industries

  • Food & agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Biological
  • Ceramics
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Energy storage
  • Solar and photovoltaics
  • Mining & Metallurgy
  • Paint and pigment
  • Coating and adhesives
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polymer and composites
  • Paper industry
  • Semiconductors & microelectronics

We offer - solutions

  • Turnkey solution
  • Consulting
  • Training on the specific techniques
  • Just platform

How - equipment y techniques

Composition Analysis of materials


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