• AMPT
    • LAIDA OTAEGUI AMEZTEGUI ( Talk: Cathode processing towards high energy density sodium-ion batteries)
  • POF17
    • LAIDA OTAEGUI AMEZTEGUI ( Poster:Fabrication and electrochemical performance of xNCA-(1-x)LFP blend cathodes )
  • Materials Science and Engineering conference
    • LAIDA OTAEGUI AMEZTEGUI ( Talk: Electrochemical characterization of a hard carbon/Na0.95Ni0.32Ti0.32Mg0.16Mn0.21O2 sodium-ion battery)
  • ABAA8
    • LAIDA OTAEGUI AMEZTEGUI ( Organizer Commitee)
  • Power our Future 2014
    • LAIDA OTAEGUI AMEZTEGUI ( High temperature metal-air battery )
    • LAIDA OTAEGUI AMEZTEGUI ( High temperature Metal-air Battery)

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