• E-MRS Fall Meeting 2021
    • MARINA ENTERRIA GONZALEZ ( Talk:Eco-friendly manufacture of high-performing graphene aerogel cathodes for NaO2 batteries)
  • 71st ISE annual meeting
    • MARINA ENTERRIA GONZALEZ ( Poster: The use of nucleotides for the sustainable manufacture of high-performing graphene cathodes for NaO2 batteries)
  • EUROMAT 2019
    • MARINA ENTERRIA GONZALEZ ( Poster:Electrochemical exfoliated graphene aerogels for high performance Na-air cathodes)
  • Power our future 2019
    • MARINA ENTERRIA GONZALEZ ( Talk: A biomolecule-assisted electrochemical exfoliation approach to graphene for Na-O2 battery air cathodes)
  • 85th IUVSTA workshop on Nanoporous Materials for Green Energy Conversion and Storage
    • MARINA ENTERRIA GONZALEZ ( Keynote talk: Nanostructured porous carbons for electrochemical energy storage)
  • Graphene week
    • MARINA ENTERRIA GONZALEZ ( Poster: Tuning graphene gels porosity towards advanced NaO2 batteries)

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