The forum, which expects to analyze the real preparation of the industry in the face of mobility challenges, is promoted by the company AVL List GmbH, world leader of motor and power system development.

CIC energiGUNE, the Basque research center of reference in electrochemical and thermal energy storage and a member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance-BRTA, and its spin-off BCARE, specialized in offering added value services to the industry on matters of energy storage, have presented today to the automotive industry gathered at the forum AVL Tech Week the advances obtained on the knowledge of the battery, through tools such as “post-mortem” analysis, and its application to new products and services.

Roberto Pacios, Technology Coordinator of the Electrochemical Energy Storage at CIC energiGUNE, and Soraya Romo, General Manager of BCARE, have been the people in charge of presenting the results of the work carried out at the Technology Park of Álava, and which has resulted in the obtaining of advanced models for the batteries of the future electric vehicle in three critical sections: state of charge, the device’s health and battery life. Some of these models have already been successfully implemented on concrete products and services that are part of BCARE’s assets.

Specifically, doctor Pacios has explained the way in which the operation conditions of the vehicle affect on the duration and security of the battery; and which are the technological trends to advance in the state of the art, in autonomy as well as in security. For her part, General Manager of BCARE has made known the advanced systems of battery management based on predictive models.

The presentation is framed in the AVL Tech Week conference, which takes place this week virtually and gathers the main representatives of the automotive industry around the challenges of the new mobility. The gathering is organized by the Austrian company AVL List GmbH, considered to be the most important company in the field of development, simulation and testing of power systems and its integration in vehicles.

In this sense, CIC energiGUNE’s and BCARE’s experience has been demanded by the organizers of the event as guides in the field of batteries in order for the industry to get to know the research that has been done on development and integration of the electric motor. In this way, after the initial exposition about the development of the electrification of the powertrain, which has been made by AVL, the professionals of the sector have been able to know the aging and “post-mortem” services of CIC energiGUNE and the practical application of the results on concrete products, task which is carried out by BCARE.

AVL Digital Tech Week 2020 aspires to show to the automotive industry the keys to give answers to the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow. Apart from the electrification of the motor, the experts will present during this week the latest novelties on autonomous driving, the application of hydrogen on mobility and the expectations for the internal combustion engine.

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