Nuria Gisbert, General Manager of the Basque research center, has been one of the main speakers in the 2nd Experts Conference “The Automotive Battery”, promoted by the company AVL and counting with the involvement of key agents of the sector, such as Volkswagen, CATL and SVOLT.

Nuria Gisbert, General Manager of CIC energiGUNE, the Basque research center of reference in electrochemical and thermal energy storage and a member of the Basque Reseach & Technology Alliance-BRTA, has advised to the experts gathered at the SZ Tower in Munich, where the 2nd Conference “The Automotive Battery” was held, that “research and knowledge of the new batteries’ cells is essential in order to achieve an adequate integration of the energy storage system in the electric vehicle of the future”.

“The cell is the ‘black box’ of the battery pack in the electric cars that are going to be developed”, has warned the General Manager of CIC energiGUNE in front of renowned representatives of the automotive industry, such as Volkswagen or JSC Automotive. “Having the knowledge through ante-mortem and post-mortem research of the battery, as well as cell cycling, will allow us to generate advanced life expectancy models for the correct functioning of the battery and its optimal integration in the electric vehicle”.

“The Automotive Battery” is one of the first events of the sector, at a European level, that recovers the in-person format. In this second edition, practically every agent of the ecosystem of the engineering and research development of the electric vehicle at a European level has been present, with a strong German industry presence. In this sense, CIC energiGUNE has been one of the few external parties in the field to have had the opportunity to take part as a speaker, as a reference research centre for cells and solid-state batteries.

The key aspects addressed in the conference, which has taken place between yesterday and today, have been the progress in high voltage batteries; management systems of Li-ion batteries, solid-state batteries and their efficacy and security in the charging, and the new technologies of semiconductors. The talks have been organized by the maximum authorities of the electric vehicle areas at companies like AVL, Volkwagen, Dräxlmaier, SVOLT Europe or CATL Europe or Webasto.

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