Our target is to provide safe electrolyte solutions for rechargeable batteries and other energy storage systems.


The scientific ambition of Polymer-rich electrolyte batteries batteries Research Line is focusing on the development of solid-state, safe, and rechargeable batteries towards room temperature application. The activity focuses on:

  • Highly conductive polymer electrolytes.
  • New polymer electrolytes stable to high voltage.
  • Polymeric binder development with tunable properties (e. g. water-based processability).
  • Tailored-made innovative anions for next-generation batteries.
  • Single ion-conductors and nano-hybrids for cation-only transport electrolytes.
  • Composite and hybrid electrolytes were containing both inactive and active fillers.
  • Computational study to understand and anticipate electrolyte performance (stability to high voltage, cation coordination, transport properties, etc.).
  • Integration of newly developed salts, polymers at the cell level.

We offer tailor-made materials according to the need of our partners (both academia and industry) and reliable solutions towards the increasing demand for safe and high energy density batteries. We pursue the aim to answer future battery requirements covering from material development and processing to application level.

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