Oier Lakuntza studied the degree in Chemistry (2007), and he did the PhD in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry in UPV/EHU with Jesus Ugalde as promoteur. The 25th of September of 2012, he defended his PhD entitled “Activation of methane by group 10 hidrido hidroxy/sulfhidrido metal cations”, obtaining the calification of cum laude. He got a i+d predoctoral grant of Navarra Gobernment, and the third year he performed a three-months stay in ICIQ, in the group of Feliu Maseras. In this stay, he was formed in the crossing of different spin states.

In January of 2014, he joined the group of Feliu Maseras in ICIQ, as a postdoc researcher. In this case, he worked in the research of new descriptors for metal/ligand interaction, using statistical methods. In january of 2017, he got the grant Juan de la Cierva, and he joined CIC energiGUNE.

Apart from that, he also studied the máster of Scientific Journalism and Comunication of UNED. In this vein, nowaday he colaborates with Elhuyar, aiming to give social visibility to the work performed in CIC energiGUNE.

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