Sona has obtained her Postgraduation in Physics from Pondicherry University (India) in 2013-15, accompanied with a research thesis based on ‘Cathode surface modifications for better performance of Lithium Sulfur batteries’. Later she joined as a lecturer in Physics at St. Joseph´s College Autonomous Devagiri, India (2015-16). During 2017-18 she worked as a research assistant in the project- ‘Solid State Batteries for Consumer Electronics & ELVs’ at Pondicherry University, organized by Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Applied Materials India Pvt Ltd. In 2018 Sona started her research career at CIC energiGUNE as a Predoctoral Researcher (PhD Student) and her thesis will be mainly focused on ‘Development of Composite Cathodes for All Solid-State Lithium Batteries’.

Scientific interests

  • Layered oxide cathodes for high potential lithium batteries
  • Material´s surface morphology and structural analyses
  • Ceramic solid electrolytes and sintering techniques for lithium batteries
  • Composite cathodes for all solid-state Lithium batteries

Scientific career

  • Solution based synthesis and surface coating techniques of advanced cathodes for Lithium Sulfur batteries
  • Synthesis and characterizations of ceramic electrolytes and their application in solid-state Lithium metal batteries.
  • Interface stability studies between ceramic solid electrolytes and Lithium metal

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