ThermLab represents a qualitative and differential leap, integrating technologies related to thermal storage, thermal management, and energy efficiency in industry that are of interest to companies seeking new business opportunities.

The ThermLab initiative arises to offer advanced thermal management solutions to the industry by developing more compact and powerful products, where conventional cooling systems are excessively expensive and can be optimized. Sometimes, cooling is not enough, causing irreparable reductions in service life or technical performance. At the same time, ThermLab opens the door to the use of surplus waste heat, which can be managed as an essential energy source for on-demand use, aligning with the energy efficiency goals of companies.

ThermLab is an analysis, development, and testing infrastructure located in CIC energiGUNE, which allows combining disruptive knowledge with high technology tools. In this way, it is possible to develop and validate advanced technologies for thermal management, in products and subsystems of the companies, through tests at an industrially relevant scale before being definitively integrated with the commercial developments.

What can we do-services

  • Improvement and optimization of thermal management of products and processes through precise modeling techniques, reducing trial-and-error costs.
  • Detection of thermal anomalies in products and industrial processes.
  • Development of ad-hoc thermal management technologies for products and processes with high energy consumption.

For who-industries

  • Power electronics industry.
  • Electrical equipment industry: transformers, motors, switchgear.
  • Renewable energy industry.
  • Automotive industry.

We offer - solutions

  • Measurement and characterization of thermal behavior.
  • Testing and validation of thermal management systems.
  • Turnkey development of thermal management solutions.

How - equipment y techniques

ThermLab. Advanced thermal management solutions


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