CIC energiGUNE
Miércoles, 07 Julio 2021
  1. 15,00 - 15,30
  1. 15,30 - 15,45
SESSION 1: Novel processing approaches and applications (Chairs: L. Pardo / D.G. Calatayud)
  1. 15,45 - 16,15
    E. Chinarro
    I-01: Electroceramics in the decarbonisation process of the energy system
  2. 16,15 - 16,30
    A. Orera, P.B. Oliete, M.L. Sanjuán
    O-01: Eutectic ceramics for application in CO2 separation membranes
  3. 16,30 - 16,45
    G. Constantinescu, S.M. Mikhalev, K.V. Zakharchuk, A.V. Kovalevsky
    O-02: Exploring the high-temperature thermoelectric performance of Al-doped ZnO ceramics prepared by in-situ aluminothermic reactions
  4. 16,45 - 17,00
    P. Hudelja, R. Schmidt, H. Amorín, A. Kocjan, B. Wicklein
    O-03: Electro-conducting ceramics based on nanocellulose
  5. 17,00 - 17,15
    S.A. López-Paz, A.L. Meza-López, O. Peral-Roche, S. Herrero-Ruiz, A. Chiquero-Ovejero, M.J. Torralvo, R. Sánchez Puche, M.A. Alario-Franco
    O-04: Exploration of (TR1-xSrx)n+1NinO3n+1 Ruddlesden-Popper type nickelates as potential superconductors
  1. 17,15 - 17,45
SESSION 2: Multifunctional systems
  1. 17,45 - 18,15
    T. Jardiel, M. Peiteado, V. Mirabello, S.I. Pascu, A.C. Caballero, D.G. Calatayud
    I-02: Multifunctional nanoceramics: synthesis, characterisation and in vitro imaging
  2. 18,15 - 18,30
    M.V. Martín-Arroyo, D.G. Calatayud, A.C. Caballero, M. Peiteado, T. Jardiel
    O-05: Synthesis of functional nanoceramics for novel cancer early detection processes
  3. 18,30 - 18,45
    A.L. Kholkin, J.V. Vidal, A. Turutin, I.V. Kubasov, S. Kopyl, M.D. Malinkovich, N. Sobolev, R. Surmenev
    O-06: Magnetoelectric composites for sensing and energy harvesting applications
  4. 18,45 - 19,00
    C. Gumiel, T. Jardiel, D. Lamotte, A.P. Villalpando, D.G. Calatayud, T. Vranken, M.K. Van Bael, A. Hardy, M.L. Calzada, R. Jiménez, M. García-Hernández
    O-07: BiFeO3-Bi4Ti3O12 thin film composites exhibiting multiferroic properties at room temperature obtained by an aqueous chemical solution deposition procedure
  5. 19,00 - 19,15
    M. Algueró, M. Pérez-Cerdán, J. Sanz-Mateo, R.P. del Real, J. Ricote, A. Castro
    O-08: Novel Aurivillius type multiferroic compounds with m=3
  1. 19,45 - 21,30
    Guided tour to the Historic City Walls of Vitoria-Gasteiz
SESSION 3: Ceramics for energy generation and storage (Chairs: M. Casas / P. López)
  1. 09,00 - 09,30
    A. Pesce, N. Koostretsova, J. Puszkiel, M. Lira dos Santos, L. Bernadet, A. Morata, M. Torrell, A. Tarancón
    I-03: 3D Printing the next generation of solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cells and systems
  2. 09,30 - 09,45
    C. de la Torre-Gamarra, M.D. García-Suelto, B. Levenfeld, A. Várez
    O-09: Fused deposition modelling 3D-printing of thick cathodes with enhanced areal capacity for Li-ion batteries applications
  3. 09,45 - 10,00
    O. Urra, J. Yus, A.J. Sánchez-Herencia, B. Ferrari
    O-10: Colloidal feedstock with a high content of graphite particles for self-supporting 3D conductive electrodes by FFF
  4. 10,00 - 10,15
    J.F. Valera-Jiménez, J.C. Pérez-Flores, V. Crespo-Muñoz, J.R. Marín-Rueda, M. Castro, J. Canales-Vázquez
    O-11: Development of free-form ceramic electrodes for lithium-ion batteries via fused filament fabrication
  5. 10,15 - 10,30
    J.C. Barbosa, D.M. Correia, A. Fidalgo-Marijuan, R. Gonçalves, M. Fernandes, V. de Zea Bermudez, M.M. Silva, C.M. Costa, S. Lanceros-Méndez
    O-12: Electrospun poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) based nanocomposite membranes for lithium-ion battery separators
Online Poster Session: P1 to P5
  1. 10,30 - 11,00
    P01: Co-sintering of LSM-YSZ and Ni-YSZ electrodes and YSZ electrolytes via fused filament fabrication — V. Crespo-Muñoz, MJ.C. Pérez-Flores, M. Castro-García, J.F. Valera-Jiménez, J.R. Marín-Rueda, J. Canales-Vázquez
    P02: Sr4Mn2CuO9 black wide band semiconductors with high NIR reflectance prepared by gel methods — G. Monrós, S. Cerro, M. Llusar, J.A. Badenes
    P03: Ionic-electronic transport in zircon-type PrVO4-based ceramics — R.G. Pinto, B.I. Arias-Serrano, A.A. Yaremchenko
    P04: Hierarchically micro/mesoporous silicon oxycarbide derived materials as electrodes for energy storage storage applications — M.A. Mazo, M.T. Colomer, A. Tamayo, J. Rubio
    P05: Pyrochlore-type Y2Ti2O7-based titanates as buffer layer materials for fuel-assisted solid oxide electrolysis cells — A.D. Bamburov, A.A. Yaremchenko
  1. 11,00 - 11,30
SESSION 3: Ceramics for energy generation and storage (Chairs: J.M. López del Amo / A. Várez)
  1. 11,30 - 12,00
    J. Carrasco, M.R. Bonilla, F.A. García-Daza, P. Ranque, F. Aguesse, E. Akhmatskaya
    I-04: Understanding Li-ion conductivity in garnet-based and composite polymer-ceramic solid electrolytes using atomistic simulations
  2. 12,00 - 12,15
    P. López-Aranguren, M. Reynaud, P. Głuchowski, A. Bustinza, M. Galceran, J.M. López del Amo, M. Armand, M. Casas-Cabanas
    O-13: Promising perspectives for the application of bulk-type lithium phosphorous oxynitrides in solid state batteries
  3. 12,15 - 12,30
    S. Martínez, S. Kobylianska, I. Sobrados, R. Jiménez, J. Sanz
    O-14: Enhanced “overall” ionic conductivity in Li1+xAlxTi2-x(PO4)3 (0.3 ≤ x ≤ 0.7) ceramics obtained from sol-gel powders and spark plasma sintering
  4. 12,30 - 12,45
    M. Reynaud, N.A. Katcho, A. Wizner, I. Monterrubio, E. Castillo, J.X. Lian, F. Bonilla, J.M. López del Amo, M. Armand, J. Carrasco, M. Casas-Cabanas
    O-15: Accelerated design of new electrode materials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries
  5. 12,45 - 13,00
    C.S. Martínez-Cisneros , B. Levenfeld, J.Y. Sánchez, A. Várez
    O-16: NASICON-type quasi-solid state hybrid electrolytes for sodium batteries
  6. 13,00 - 13,15
    A. Valverde, A. Fidalgo, J.C. Barbosa, R. Gonçalves, P.M. Martins, C.M. Costa, R. Fernández de Luis, S. Lanceros-Méndez
    O-17: Unravelling the effect of metal-organic framework nanofillers on the performance of porous poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) lithium-ion battery separator membranes
  1. 13,15 - 15,00
    Take away box lunch
SESSION 3: Ceramics for energy generation and storage (Chairs: M.A. Laguna-Bercero / J. Carrasco)
  1. 15,00 - 15,15
    J.M. López del Amo
    O-18: Characterization of electrode materials by paramagnetic solid-state NMR
  2. 15,15 - 15,30
    R. Gutru, D. Muñoz-Gil, F.M.L. Figueiredo
    O-19: Alkaline stability of ABO3 perovskite oxygen electrocatalysts
  3. 15,30 - 15,45
    M. Morales-Zapata, M.A. Laguna-Bercero, A. Larrea
    O-20: Pr and Gd-doped ceria as oxygen electrode in solid oxide cells (SOC)
  4. 15,45 - 16,00
    A. Yaremchenko, D. Boiba, M. Patrakeev
    O-21: PrMnO3-based oxygen electrodes for fuel-assisted solid oxide electrolysis cells
  5. 16,00 - 16,15
    A. Triviño-Peláez, G.C. Mather, D. Pérez-Coll, M. Aparicio, J. Mosa
    O-22: Low-temperature-sintered, fluorine-modified BaZr0.8Y0.2O3-δ proton conductor synthesized by a sol-gel alkoxide route
Online Poster Session: P6 to P10
  1. 16,15 - 16,45
    P06: Phase composition, poling and functional properties of Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 ceramics — C.E. Ciomaga, L.P. Curecheriu, A.V. Lukacs, M. L´hereux, M.H. Chambrier, R. Desfeux, L. Mitoseriu
    P07: Magnetoelectric studies of (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3— (Ni,Zn)Fe2O4 multiferroic composites — I. Coondoo, A. Kholkin
    P08: Functional properties in BaTiO3-CoFe2O4 composites: modelling and experimental validation — L. Padurariu, C.E. Ciomaga, M. Airimioaei, L. Curecheriu, L. Mitoseriu
    P09: Monte Carlo simulation of vacancies produced in lead-free piezo-ceramics by X-ray radiation damage — O. López-López, M.E. Montero-Cabrera, L. Pardo, R. Domínguez-García, L. Fuentes Cobas
  1. 16,45 - 17,15
SESSION 3: Ceramics for energy generation and storage (Chairs: F. Figueiredo / R. Jiménez)
  1. 17,15 - 17,30
    A. Robles-Fernández, A. Orera, M.A. Laguna-Bercero, R.I. Merino
    O-23: SOEC operation induced effects in YSZ electrolyte: Mapping with spectroscopic probes
  2. 17,30 - 17,45
    K. Zakharchuk, A. Kovalevsky, A. Yaremchenko
    O-24: Assessment of Ruddlesden-Popper La2-xBaxNiO4±δ nickelates for potential application in solid electrolyte cells for NOx reduction
  3. 17,45 - 18,00
    I. Gorban, N. Ureña, M.T. Pérez-Prior, B. Levenfeld, A. Várez
    O-25: Synthesis and characterization of composite proton exchange membranes based on multiblock copolymers and metal organic frameworks for fuel cell applications
  4. 18,00 - 18,15
    E.L. dos Santos Veiga, M. Fortuño-Morte, H. Beltrán-Mir, E. Cordoncillo
    O-26: Tailoring the electrical properties of the Pr2Zr2-xFexO7±δ system
Gala Dinner at Silken Ciudad de Vitoria Hotel (optional – registration required)
  1. 20,30 - 22,30
SESSION 1: Novel processing approaches and applications (Chairs: M. Villegas / M. Peiteado)
  1. 09,00 - 09,30
    M.A. Laguna-Bercero, J. Silva, A. Acín, R. Alicante, A. Orera, M.L. Sanjuán, Á. Larrea, R. Lahoz
    I-05: Novel architecture designs for solid state energy devices by laser machining
  2. 09,30 - 09,45
    A. Castellanos-Aliaga, T. Jardiel, A.C. Caballero, M. Peiteado, D.G. Calatayud
    O-27: Semiconductor heterostructures grown by molecular recognition. A new approach for sustainable processing of electroceramics
  3. 09,45 - 10,00
    B. Pérez.Román, A. Tamayo, F. Rubio-Marcos
    O-28: Carbide-derived carbon obtained through single etching as electrode material for supercapacitor electrodes
  4. 10,00 - 10,15
    P. Ortega-Columbrans, J. Yus, B. Ferrari, A.J. Sánchez-Herencia
    O-29: Colloidal additive manufacturing of photocatalysts. Removing POPs from water, an eco-friendly solution
  5. 10,15 - 10,30
    O. Barrios, R. Jiménez, J. Ricote, P. Tartaj, M.L. Calzada, I. Bretos
    O-30: Self-induced seeding solutions for the low-temperature processing of flexible BiFeO3 this films
Online Poster Session: P11 to P15
  1. 10,30 - 11,00
    P10: Synthesis, ceramic processing and properties of Bi3Ti1-2xNb1+xFexO9 with 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5 — A. Barreto, M. Algueró, R.P. del Real, A. Castro
    P11: Post-annealing temperature effect on the structure and microstructure of K0.5Na0.5NbO3-BiFeO3 eco-piezoceramics prepared by spark plasma sintering — A. Iacomini, G. Mulas, S. Enzo, S. Garroni, J.F. Bartolomé, L. Pardo
    P12: Nanoscale piezoelectric properties and phase separation in pure and La-doped BiFeO3 films prepared by modified sol-gel technique — S. Kopyl, A.V. Semchenko, V.V. Sidsky, I. Bdikin, V.E. Gaishun, D.L. Kovalenko, S.A. Khakhomov, A.L. Kholkin
    P13: Photochemistry strategies to prepare flexible BiFeO3 thin films by low-temperature solution methods — A. Gómez-López, R. Jiménez. I. Bretos, J. Ricote, Y. andrea Rivas, R. Sirera, M.L. Calzada
    P14: Low-temperature processed ferroelectric BiFeO3-based perovskite thin films by chemical solution deposition aided by photochemistry — Y. Andrea Rivas, A. Gómez-López, I. Bretos, R. Jiménez, J. Ricote, R. Sirera, M.L. Calzada
  1. 11,00 - 11,30
SESSION 4: Ferro and Piezoceramics (Chairs: M. Algueró / A.C. Caballero)
  1. 11,30 - 11,45
    C.E. Ciomaga, L.P. Curecheriu, L. Padurariu, G. Stoian, I. Lazar, L. Mitoseriu
    O-31: Design, synthesis and functional properties of porous BZT-BCT ceramics
  2. 11,45 - 12,00
    H. Amorín, M.M. Venet, J.E. García, D.A. Ochoa, M. Algueró, A. Castro
    O-32: Lead-free ferroelectric BZT-BCT ceramics with refined microstructures to show ultra-high piezo-strain response
  3. 12,00 - 12,15
    N. Horchidan, C. Ciomaga, L. Curecheriu, L. Mitoseriu
    O-33: Preparation and functional properties of BaTiO3-based ceramics
  4. 12,15 - 12,30
    N. Horchidan, C. Ciomaga, L. Curecheriu, L. Mitoseriu
    O-34: Functional properties investigation of BaTiO3-based ceramics
  5. 12,30 - 12,45
    L. Pardo, M.S. Araujo, Á. García, A. Jacas, J.F. Bartolomé
    O-35: Poling and mechanical strength of Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based eco-piezoelectric ceramics
  6. 12,45 - 13,00
    L. Padurariu, N. Horchidan, M. Airimioaei, L. Curecheriu, C. Ciomaga, L. Mitoseriu
    O-36: Room temperature phase superposition of barium titanate-based ceramics: modelling and experimental validation
  7. 13,00 - 13,15
    L.E. Fuentes-Cobas, M.E. Montero-Cabrera, L. Fuentes-Montero, J. Plaisier, J.F. Bartolomé, L. Pardo
    O-37 Perovskite-type structure characterization in eco-piezoceramics: a synchrotron light diffraction approach
  8. 13,15 - 13,30
    A. Reyes-Montero, F. Rubio-Marcos, L.E. Fuentes-Cobas, A. del Campo, R. Castañeda-Guzmán, M.E. Villafuerte-Castrejón, L. Pardo
    O-38 Iterative method, confocal Raman microscopy, synchrotron X-ray diffraction and photoacoustic study of the BCTZ eco-piezoceramic response to the electric field
Awards ceremony & Closing
  1. 13,30 - 13,45

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