German Gómez graduated in chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Leioa in 2002, then he joined  the laboratory of the organic chemistry department where he carried out the final year thesis entitled "Heterocyclical amino exchange processes with hydrazines and their derivatives. Synthesis of 1,5-disubstituted pyrazoles”, being at the same time the fellow in charge of the maintenance of the nuclear magnetic resonance equipments.

In 2004, he joined the “Instituto Catalán de Investigación Química” (ICIQ) as a NMR technician, providing technical support to researchers, implementing new pulse sequences and performing equipment maintenance tasks.

Currently, since December of 2020, he is working as NMR technician in CIC energiGUNE.

Scientific interests

  • Organic chemistry
  • Diffusion
  • Advanced pulse sequences

Scientific career

  • Organic synthesis
  • HR-MAS
  • NMR in solution

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