We contribute to the energy transition by solving contemporary energy problems through the development of new electrocatalytic systems and devices with reduced environmental impact.




The Electrocatalysis for Energy Conversion group at CIC energiGUNE plays a leading role in electrochemical energy conversion, specifically in understanding electrochemical reactions that take place at electrochemical interfaces of fuel cells, water electrolyzers or CO2 electrolyzers, decoupled electrolyzers, etc. Our group’s expertise covers a wide range of experimental approaches spanning synthesis of materials, characterization of materials, implementing state-of-the-art in-situ and ex-situ techniques, assessment of electrochemical performance and integration into electrochemical devices for hydrogen and other energy vectors.

Our unique approach includes the implementation of different physical and chemical methods for the synthesis of nanostructured materials, whose structure and composition we define with atomic-scale precision. We develop sophisticated and highly sensitive in-situ and on-line spectroelectrochemical methods which enable the understanding of reaction mechanisms. Such knowledge accelerates the discovery and design of new materials for the electrocatalysis of hydrogen evolution and oxidation, oxygen reduction and evolution, alcohol oxidation, CO2 electrochemical conversion, ammonia synthesis and ammonia oxidation. Our ultimate aim is to find active, selective and stable electrode materials for such reactions and to subsequently integrate these materials into devices for energy storage and conversion systems.

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