Our target is the development of Na-based batteries towards the industrial level by optimizing material properties to enable future energy storage systems beyond lithium-ion.


The aim of research line is to leverage our comprehensive knowledge of sodium-based batteries (Na-based batteries) technology (from the fundamental to the upscaled proof-of-concept) for the rational discovery, design, and optimization of key materials (capacity, voltage, cyclability, etc.). Therefore, Na-based batteries can be optimized for different cost-effective energy storage applications using non-critical with lower carbon footprint materials.

The core research activities are sodium-ion batteries (Na-ion batteries), including solid-state sodium technology, being the improvement of material-level electrochemical and physical properties a priority for our research.

Our materials knowledge has provided us a “bottom-up” understanding of the fundamental properties for battery performance (life-spam, stability, and cost) while working closely with strategic partners in industry, and research has enabled a “top-down” approach considering the specific challenges and needs faced by the targeted application.

We are also involved in green processing, sustainability, circular economy, and recycling requirements and opportunities. In this way, we do not only meet the challenges of today but also prepare to face those of the future.

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