Our goal is the development of novel carbon-based nanostructured materials, advanced electrolytes, and cell optimization for next-generation supercapacitors.


Our research is devoted to the development of novel microporous materials with high specific surface areas, graphene-based and nanostructured carbon-based materials, which could potentially increase the energy density of the different type of electrochemical capacitors (electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLC), pseudocapacitors or metal-ion hybrid capacitors (LICs and NICs)) while maintaining their power and reducing the cost. We also investigate the impact that different electrolytes (aqueous, organic, and ionic-liquids) have on the operating voltage and the cyclability of the cells. We also explore different strategies (electrode-mass balance or pre-lithiation processes) for the optimization of hybrid supercapacitors and the use of additives to enable high-temperature supercapacitors.

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