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Laboratory technician Electron Microscopy platform and Surface Analysis Unit Bakarrik [en]?

We are inviting for application for a laboratory technician position shared by the Electron Microscopy (EM) platform and the Surface Analysis Unit (SAU). The services at the EM and SAU focused on the microstructural and chemical characterization of materials for energy and thermal storage applications. The EM platform at CIC counts with a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a transmission electron microscope (TEM) and different equipment for the...

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Laboratory technician, Electrochemical Energy Storage Area Bakarrik [en]?

We are inviting for application for a laboratory technician position for the Electrochemical Energy Storage Area. Within your responsibility you will have to take care of all the needs of the research groups in the area, preparing materials and samples, using different characterization techniques such as XRD, DSC/TG, FTIR, ICP-AES, SEM and taking care of the overall needs of the laboratory. You will also be responsible...

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Postdoc on Energy Storage Devices Bakarrik [en]?

CIC Energigune is looking for a Post-doctoral Researcher to perform applied research on Energy Storage devices within the framework of an industrial project.        Job function: ·         Development under industrial agreement of an all solid state battery. ·         Tuning and processing of commercially available materials for this specific application. ·         Optimization of the manufacturing process for individual all solid state battery components. ·         Evaluation of scalable and competitive processing routes...

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Technician for Surface Analysis Unit (SAU) Position Bakarrik [en]?

CIC energiGUNE is a well-known energy storage research Centre based in the Basque Country of Spain.  Its mission is to play a leading role on the international stage in the field of energy storage technologies and contribute to the industrial competitiveness of Basque Country.  CIC has a world-class research facility, cutting-edge equipment, an experienced management team, and a scientific committee composed of prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and industrial...

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Laboratory Technician for Post Mortem Research Group Bakarrik [en]?

We are now inviting applications for the position of Laboratory Technician for Post Mortem Research Group. The aim of this group is to generate extensive knowledge on failure roots and a better understanding of critical ageing mechanisms occurring in different electrochemical devices (batteries, supercapacitors...) in order to propose behavioral and predictive models for battery performance and lifetime under various practical operating conditions (charge, discharge, rest time).  Strong interactions...

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