The group conducts basic research on lithium-based batteries, as a proven component, with the aim of making advances in terms of energy density, safety and cost reduction, which could lead to a revolution in energy storage technologies. In this area two lines of research are pursued: Li-S and post mortem analysis of batteries.

Group Leader

Lide M. Rodríguez

+34 945 297 108

Parque Tecnologico C/Albert Einstein 48 CP 01510 Minano (Alava) Spain
Lide M. Rodríguez
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Dr Lide M. Rodriguez-Martinez is the Group Leader of Li based, and responsible for the Strategic Research Line in Li-S technology. She was awarded with a Basque Government grant to perform her Ph. D at Cambridge University in the field of Solid State Chemistry, under the supervision of Professor J. Paul Attfield (January 1996 - July 1999).  Her Thesis titled "Cation disorder studies on magnetorresistive manganese oxide perovskites" was the first time that the cation-size variance was introduced as a concept to rationalise and predict disorder effects, with a substantial impact on the study and preparation of technologically important materials. After receiving her Ph.D at Cambridge, she returned to the University of the Basque Country with a Basque Government Postdoctoral grant in October 1999 in Prof. Rojo´s Group, and in June 2000, she was awarded with a contract for young researchers from the MCyT, Spanish Government.

In March 2001, she started her work at IK4-Ikerlan to initiate the development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Technology as part of the Strategic Research Plan of Mondragon Group. For this, she was sent to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (US) during 6 months to acquire the main basic knowledge to start with technology transfer afterwards (Materials Science Division, Steve Visco´s group). IK4-Ikerlan is well known in the field of SOFCs due to its contribution to tubular metal supported SOFC technology, which stands worldwide record in thermal cycling, a critical milestone to achieve the targets of domestic power generation, which requires thousand of start up and shut down cycles.  During her work at IK4-Ikerlan in this field, she was also responsible of project funding applications and project management, PhDs supervisions and examinations, technology development, networking and laboratory installation (basic processing and characterisation laboratory, long term testing).

In 2011, her SOFC activities started to be simultaneously developed with significant research in the field of batteries and a solid collaboration with CIC energiGUNE. A new confidentiality agreement was signed for a joint development of a novel high temperature metal air battery concept. The development of this novel concept combined a multidisciplinary approach that needed the expertise in high temperature metal and ceramic materials properties and processing and the expertise of battery technology and electrochemical characterisation. She was responsible at IK4-Ikerlan for this joint team effort which allowed exploring the hybridisation of concepts and new routes and alternatives to store energy.

In the field of batteries, she participated in the preparation of fund raising projects and PhD supervisions in the field of battery assessment and lifetime prediction. In September 2012, she became the project Technical Coordinator of Batteries2020, responsible of the Technical Committee and member of the Exploitation and Dissemination Committee. Batteries2020: "Towards competitive European batteries" project aims to improve performance, lifetime and total cost of ownership of batteries for EVs by the simultaneous development of high-performing and durable cells, reliable lifetime prediction, understanding ageing phenomena and assessment of second life in renewable energy applications. In early 2013, she was IK4-Ikerlan representative in the European platforms related to Energy Storage (EGVI, Eurobat) and responsible for the identification of new opportunities in the field of Energy Storage.

One of her most rewarding activities has been her supervising experience. Since 2002, she has been involved in the supervision and education of fresh graduates and Ph. D students. Her main interests are the development of cutting edge energy novel concepts, such as Li-S and technology assessment towards competitive targets (performance, life and cost).



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