Development of safe, highly ionic conductor and voltage stable ceramic-based electrolytes for Li and Na  solid-state batteries.


The ceramic-rich electrolyte Research Line is leading innovative and breakthrough oriented solid electrolytes for safe, long-lasting, and high energy/power lithium solid-state batteries and sodium solid-state batteries with high ionic conductivity, stability at high voltages, resistant to dendrite growth, low interfacial resistance (ASR), etc. The research covers from the synthesis of inorganic ceramic electrolytes to the integration of active fillers in flexible matrices and using additive molecules. Finally, the final cell integration of the developed ionic conductors in different formats ( solid-state batteries, quasi-solid batteries, semi-flexible batteries, all-inorganic batteries) is implemented and tested using various cell designs and testing protocols. The integration of solid ceramic-rich electrolytes in a positive electrodes is also performed.

The research line activity focuses on the development and integration of:

  • Inorganic oxides (garnet -LLZO-, perovskite -LLTO-, glass ceramics).
  • Phosphates (NASICON-type structures: LATP).
  • Sulfides.
  • Composite and hybrid electrolytes, membranes.
  • Integration of new salts, polymers, OIPC with ceramic fillers.
  • Novel high performing chemistries and structures.
  • Material customization for full cell (post-lithium, fuel cells, redox flow).

The research and development of these high-performance solid-electrolytes is application-driven and according to the needs and the requirements of our collaborators and customers.

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