CIC energiGUNE


CIC energiGUNE is organizing the “International workshop on Sodium-Ion Battery” to gather well-known experts, providing an international forum to facilitate scientific discussion of the state-of-the-art research findings related to sodium-ion batteries and their applications. Topics to be covered: electrode materials, liquid electrolytes, solid-state electrolytes, proofs-of-concept, industrial applications and other related topics.

The workshop, chaired by Dr. Montse Galcerán is part of the CIC energiGUNE activities within the international LIBRA (Low-cost and efficient sodium-ion battery based on abundant elements) project and will be held entirely virtual.

The LIBRA project is led by Prof. Philipp Adelhem (Humboldt-University of Berlin), Prof. Shinichi Komaba (Tokyo University of Science) and Dr. Montse Galceran (CIC energiGUNE). The project tackles important challenges of present SIBs, and therefore aims at exploring highly efficient and low-cost sodium-ion batteries based on abundant elements for stationary applications. It combines the know-how of three research groups from Japan, Germany and Spain with complementary expertise in the field of sodium-ion batteries.

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