• 10th Int. Colloids Conference
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Nanotriboelectrification and heat generation during reversible water intrusion into rigid and flexible nanopores for mechanical, thermal and electrical energy applications)
  • SolarPACES 2019
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Spray-graphitization against molten nitrate salts corrosion for concentrated solar power plants)
    • DANIEL BIELSA LINAZA ( Talk: Thermochemical Heat Storage for CSP Using Mn2O3 /Mn3O4: Effects of Si Doping in Cyclability Improvement)
  • Info Day ORC-Plus
    • ABDESSAMAD FAIK ( Talk: Filling materials and potential application for thermal storage )
  • ASME 2019
    • NITHIYANANTHAM UDAYASHANKAR ( Talk: New insights on the improvement of the stability of nanofluids through the use of hybrid nanoparticles)
  • 1st International Conference on Nanofluids (ICNf) and the 2nd European Symposium on Nanofluids (ESNf)
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Wettability control for correct thermophysical properties determination of molten salts and their nanofluids)
    • ARTEM NIKULIN ( Talk: Prediction of pool boiling heat transfer coefficient for the refrigerant R141b and its solutions with surfactant and nanoparticles using limited set of experimental data)
  • SolarPaces 2018
    • ABDESSAMAD FAIK ( 2 Talks: "Development of a continuous solid solution with extended Red-Ox temperature range and unexpected high reaction enthalpies for thermochemical energy storage" & "Development of molten nitrate salt based nanofluids for TES application: high thermal)
    • YAROSLAV GROSU ( Talk: Preparation and characterization of nanofluids based on molten salts with enhanced thermophysical properties for thermal energy storage at concentrate solar power)
    • DANIEL BIELSA LINAZA ( Poster: Efficiency improvement of Mn2O3/Mn3O4 redox reaction by means of different operation strategies)
    • IÑIGO ORTEGA FERNANDEZ ( Talk: Experimental validation of steel slag as thermal energy storage material in a 400 kWht prototype)

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