• Power our future 2019
    • JON SERRANO SEVILLANO ( Talk: XRD, NRM and DFT combination for complete structural characterization in Li-rich layered oxide)
  • Workshop Diffraction on Energy Materials-ILL & ESS European user Meeting
    • JON SERRANO SEVILLANO ( Poster: From stacking disorder to random stacking in Li2MnO3)
  • QIES 2016
    • JON SERRANO SEVILLANO ( Poster: Defect structure of battery materials with FAULTS program )
  • V Jornadas de Investigación de la Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnología (UPV)
    • JON SERRANO SEVILLANO ( Talk: Defect structure of battery materials with FAULTS program)
  • ABAA8
    • JON SERRANO SEVILLANO ( Poster: Raising the capacity of polyanionic compounds through multielectron redox chemistry)

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