• Seminar at ALEEES company (Taiwan)
    • MICHEL ARMAND ( Seminar: Progress in Solid-State Batteries)
  • Online event at Technische Universitat Dresden
    • MICHEL ARMAND ( Invited Talk: Recent Developments in Polymer Electrolytes, the T+ Conundrum)
  • AMSE 2020 (International Congress on Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering 2020)
    • MICHEL ARMAND ( Talk: Polymer Electrolytes, the Key to High Energy Li° Batteries )
  • IBA (International Battery Association) 2016
    • MICHEL ARMAND ( Plenary talk: Energy storage and the metal electrode)
  • 11th Annual International Electromaterials Science Symposium
    • MICHEL ARMAND ( Invited talk: Metal vs. intercalation/alloying negative electrodes)
  • ABAA8
    • MICHEL ARMAND ( Talk:Is Lithium metal a viable solution for EVs? )
  • RSEQ
    • MICHEL ARMAND ( Solid polymer electrolytes for Li- and Na-based batteries)

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