Our target is to design of new electrode battery materials and to optimize existing cathodes and anodes (NMC, NCA, LNMO, graphite, Si/C, EMD (MnO2), etc.)  with a focus in Lithium-ion and Lithium-Metal technologies, using conventional and Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerated high throughput methods.


Our activities are based on a combination of exploratory and applied research to offer solutions to major current technical challenges and barriers (cost, safety, and energy density) combining crystal chemistry and electrochemical approaches, covering:

  • Accelerated materials discovery: rational design of novel high-voltage, high-capacity intercalation materials, and ionic-conductors assisted by high throughput computational predicting tools and algorithms, development of AI-aided autonomous and automated experimentation methods.

  • Develop sustainable processes for the recycling, recovery, and valorization of sub-products and waste materials.

  • Understand the chemistry and physics of intercalation and conversion electrode materials combining advanced characterization techniques (including operando techniques) and theoretical calculation (DFT), through the identification and control of the critical parameters (e.g., composition, microstructure, formulation, etc.) governing positive and negative battery materials performance and degradation.

  • Develop efficient composite cathodes for solid-state cells through the understanding of component compatibility issues, the optimization of cathode architectures, and the development of low-temperature processing methods.

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