• 1st International Conference on Energy Materials (ICEM 2021)
    • BEGOÑA ACEBEDO MORANTE ( Talk:Intercalation Chemistry in Ordered and Disordered Battery Materials)
  • EuroMOF 2021
    • MARIA ANGELES CABAÑERO MARTINEZ ( Poster:Lithium Plating Simulations in Commercial Lithium-Ion Batteries during Low-Temperature Charging)
    • EDER AMAYUELAS LOPEZ ( Poster:ZIF-67 MOF stability in water intrusion-extrusion process: materials quality-dependent performance )
  • 3rd European Symposium on Nanofluids (ESNf)
    • LUIS GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ ( Talk:Nanofluid-inspired coating for corrosion prevention in molten salts thermal storage applications)
  • Molten Salts 2021
    • LUIS GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ ( Corrosion aspects of molten salts based thermal energy storage systems: from anticorrosion techniques to dynamic studies)
  • ICREA 19 (International Conference on Renewable Energy and Applications)
    • ABDESSAMAD FAIK ( Scientific Committee & Keynote talk: Recent advances in material aspects for thermal energy storage at high temperature)
  • NANOSMAT-Mediterrane
    • ABDESSAMAD FAIK ( Invited Talk: New insights on the development of stable molten salt based nanofluids through the use of hybrid nanoparticles for thermal energy storage application)

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