• 72nd Annual ISE Meeting
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Talk:A low-cost pre-metallation strategy enabling ultrafast and stable metal ion capacitors)
  • 41st Meeting of the Electrochemistry Group of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry/1st French-Spanish Atelier/Workshop on Electrochemistry
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Talk:Improvement of Lithium Metal Polymer Batteries through a Small Dose of Fluorinated Salt)
  • 71st ISE annual meeting
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Poster: 3-cyano propionic acid methyl ester as alternative solvent for high voltage dual carbon lithium ion capacitors & Jury of ISE 2020 Best Poster Award)
  • Power our future 2019
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Poster: On the use of 3-cyanopropionic acid methyl ester as alternative solvent for high voltage dual carbon-based Lithium ion capacitors)
  • ISEECAP 2019
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Talk: Na-ion capacitors based on TiSb2 alloy negative electrode: the role of the binder towards enhancing cycle life)
  • 69th ISE annual meeting
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Talk: Novel Lithium ion capacitor with outstanding gravivolumetric energy-to-power densities based on an ultrafast TiSb2 alloy negative electrode)
  • Materialen Zientzia eta Teknologia IV. Kongresua
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Talk: Energia-dentsitate altuko Na-ioi kondentsadoreak: TiSb2 aleazioaren elektrodo ingeniaritza)
  • Graphene Week
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Poster: All graphene based lithium ion capacitor with high gravimetric energy and power densities)
  • Ikergazte 2017
    • MARIA ARNAIZ GONZALEZ ( Talk: Grafenoan oinarritutako Litio-ioi kondentsadorea)

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