Hisashi Tsukamoto

Hisashi  Tsukamoto
Area de investigación
Almacenamiento de energía eléctrica Scientific Committee Member

Dr. Tsukamoto started Quallion LLC with Dr. Alfred E. Mann and currently serves as the President and Chief Technology Officer for the company. He oversees operations and all research and development efforts. Company milestones under Dr. Tsukamoto's leadership include the development and introduction to market of over 5 separate product lines of implantable and external grade medical batteries within the first 3 years. Dr. Tsukamoto has also directed research efforts resulting in the development of new advanced chemistries and materials exhibiting superior cycle and calendar life capabilities as well as safety performances.

Prior to joining Quallion, Dr. Tsukamoto worked for Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. for 19 years. As the Manager of Advanced Battery Laboratory and Fundamental Technology Laboratory, he was responsible for directing and coordinating the research and development of advanced lithium based battery and its fundamental technology, such as materials technology development. He also directed international research collaboration projects.

While at GS Melcotech Co., Ltd., Dr. Tsukamoto also managed the new products development team for consumer applications. This division was responsible for taking an ultra thin lithium battery design from prototype development to full-scale production. As the manager in charge of this start-up division, Dr. Tsukamoto had direct responsibility for business development efforts, purchasing and the facilities construction. GS Melcotech was a joint venture formed by Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electronic Inc. to commercialize certain lithium based battery technologies. As a member of GS-Melcotech's Strategic Planning Division, Dr. Tsukamoto was responsible for overseeing planning at the corporate level, which included project development, cost assessments and resource allocation.

Dr. Tsukamoto includes in his career milestones achievements numerous patents and publications as well as the development of the following technologies: An electrochemical oxygen remover with using fuel cell's oxygen recombination electrode technology An Ultra-Thin Ni Cd button cell for card radio applications A prismatic Ni Cd battery for portable cassette players A molten salt Li thermal battery for the Japanese Self Defense Force A Li-ion battery for mobile telephones The highly conductive new active material LiMgCoO2 for Li rechargeable batteries The world's first 5V, LiCoMnO4 material for Li rechargeable batteries.


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