Adrián Robles Fernández obtained his BSc in Chemistry from the University of Salamanca in 2014 and then his MSc in Applied Materials Chemistry from the University of Barcelona in 2015. There, he obtained a collaboration grant which allowed him to start his career in research in the Solid State Chemistry department under the supervision of Dr. Lourdes Mestres, where he carried out his master’s thesis studying the doping effect on the functional properties of piezoelectric ceramics based on the solid solution bismuth-sodium titanate/barium titanate. Then, he moved to Tarragona in order to work in the ceramic industry for a year and a half, in a subsidiary company of the Torrecid Group, developing inorganic pigments.

Afterwards, he started his PhD in the Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (CSIC-Unizar) in Zaragoza, which concluded in 2022 with his doctoral thesis “Dealing with degradation in electrochemical cells: novel materials and spectroscopic probes”, carried out under the supervision of Dr. Rosa I. Merino and Dr. Alodia Orera. There, his research was focused on solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers. In 2018 he carried out a predoctoral stay in the Solid State Chemistry group of Prof. Peter R. Slater at the University of Birmingham, where he developed new perovskite-type materials to work as cathodes in intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells with an apatite-type electrolyte. During his PhD he also focused on the degradation of electrolysers, studying the underlying degradation mechanisms through spectroscopic probes in order to monitor the oxygen activity within the electrolyte.

In this period, he specialized both in synthesis, device manufacturing and in the electrochemical study of cells (EIS, chronoamperometry, I-V curves), besides in the use of structural characterization techniques (XRD, Raman, Luminescence, SEM, EDS, UV-Vis).

In July 2022, Adrián Robles joined CIC energiGUNE as a postdoc in the Cell Prototyping group.

Scientific interests

  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Materials science
  • Electrochemistry
  • Materials for energy applications
  • Li-S batteries

Scientific career

  • Solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers
  • Ceramic materials
  • Solid-state synthesis
  • Structural characterization


  • Collaboration grant – University of Barcelona (2015)
  • FPI grant (2017)
  • Pre-doctoral stay grant – University of Birmingham (2018)

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