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Cell prototyping group is focused on the development of new batteries manufacturing processes required from new materials and specifics designs for cell manufacturing needed to evolve different energy storage technologies such as sodium-ion (Na-ion), solid-state batteries, hybrid (lithium/sodium ion) supercapacitors, etc

The main activities of the group are:

Upscaling of active materials, tailored for optimal performance, and investigating the relationship between synthesis conditions, processability, and electrochemistry.

Cell design meeting end-use requirements by using experience and expertise to select appropriate cell components (active materials, binders, conductive additives, processing additives, salts, current collectors, etc), and optimization with respect to KPIs (while also maximizing green processing and recycling targets).

Electrode formulation and engineering (new concepts for higher energy density, higher power density) tunning and adjusting the loadings and the porosity of the electrodes and cell harmonization considering positive and negative electrodes together with the electrolyte, optimizing the full cell performance.

Proof-of concept of cells made of new materials applying both new processes or either adapting already existing processes to the batteries application.

Our group tests batteries technologies in pouch cell, cylindrical, and flexible printed batteries in our batteries manufacturing line wherein all cases can work with liquid and solid-electrolyte. For example, we have already manufactured state of the art solid-state pouch cells with extruded polymer-based electrolyte membrane, lithium-metal, and roll to roll casted double side cathodes.

This group also works to meet future manufacturing targets for next-generation batteries. That is why the group works from the perspectives of intelligent manufacturing and collaborative development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for autonomous smart factories.

Research Lines

Our group collaborates with other groups in the development of varied solutions in the following lines of research:

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