Haizea Diaz de Garayo Fontecha is a recent graduate in Chemistry at UPV/EHU. Currently, she has a stay of 3 months in the Thermal Energy Storage Area (TES) thanks to a scholarship received by Transition to the World of Work program of the Basque Government. In CIC energiGUNE works helping to develop the project of: Ion Exchange of sites A and B in spinel structures AxB2-xO4 as materials in thermochemical cycles for hydrogen production in water splitting reactions.

Scientific interests

  • Decontamination of the environment.
  • The use of renewable energies.
  • Green Chemistry.

Scientific career

  • Degree in Chemistry from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).
  • The last course of the career made in the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH).