Nerea Herran graduated in Industrial Chemical Engineering from the University of the Basque Country (2021), where she received the "Extraordinary Award" and the mention of graduate with excellence. She did her Final Degree Project at Loramendi S. Coop, formulating new raw materials for the additive manufacturing of foundry cores in the R&D department. Subsequently, she worked in this company as a Technical Innovation Engineer. In 2022 she completed the Master in Advanced Laboratory Chemistry at the University of Almeria. The Master´s Thesis was carried out at Tecnalia Research & Innovation in the Healthy Food department, evaluating healthy compounds in natural extracts and food matrices using chromatographic techniques. In this master´s degree, she acquired knowledge about cutting-edge analytical techniques and the possibility of entering into the world of research, combining industry and research thanks to the degree and master´s degree she completed. She is currently working at CIC energiGUNE as a laboratory technician in the Cell Prototyping group.

Scientific interests

  • Solid state batteries
  • Material characterisation
  • Energy storage

Scientific career

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Formulation of new materials
  • Compound identification by chromatographic techniques


  • Extraordinary Award in the Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering
  • Graduated with Excellence in the Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering
  • BSAA Best Student Athlete Award 2016 in “Copa Colegial”

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