Antonio J. Fernández

Antonio J.  Fernández

+34 945 29 71 08

Parque Tecnologico C/Albert Einstein 48 CP 01510 Minano (Alava) Spain
Area de investigación
Biltegiratze elektrokimikoa: bateriak eta superkondentsadoreak Post-doc researcher Former member

BSc in Environmental Sciences from Malaga University (Andalusia, Spain) in 2009. He received his MSc degree in Synthesis and Characterization of Materials at the same university in 2011. The final master project was focused on the study of electrode materials for symmetrical solid oxide fuel cells in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Physics under the supervision of the professors Enrique Ramirez Losilla and David Marrero López. He continued working on the same research topic for one year within a project of Andalusia's government which resulted in the publication of one paper.

In January of 2013, he joined to this energy storage research center, CIC energiGUNE. Here, he worked on his Ph.D. thesis in the Synthesis and Characterization of Low-Cost Materials for Aqueous Na-ion Batteries under the supervision of Dr. Montse Casas Cabanas and Dr. Miguel Ángel Muñoz Márquez.

This thesis was developed within a National project, obtaining the Ph.D. degree in May of 2016. The results of this work have been presented at international conferences, seminars and published in the Journal of Power Sources, Electrochimica Acta and the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Part of his thesis work was developed during a three-month stage in Hydro-Québec under the supervision of Dr. Abdelbast Guerfi and Dr. Karim Zaghib.

After obtaining his Ph.D., he continued working on Aqueous Ion Batteries during a postdoctoral position in the Institut of Materials of Nantes (France) through a contract with the CNRS under the supervision of Dr. Joel Gaubicher.

This job was carried out in the context of a French project Co-funded by the Pays de la Loire Region and industrial partners, involving three different academic partners and its purpose was the development of a commercial aqueous electrolyte ion battery for the storage of renewable energies using recyclable organic electrodes.

Part of his work was highly confidential in collaboration with one of the industrial partners and was related to the corrosion processes of the battery components in aqueous systems. The other tasks dealt with the design as well as morphological, electrical and electrochemical characterizations of ultra-thick electrodes (>mm) constituted by these mentioned organic materials. He also had time to co-direct with Dr. Joël Gaubicher the stage of an engineering student during a six months period and to carry out advanced characterization tasks to complement the work of a Ph.D. student involved in the project.

In April of 2018, he re-incorporated to CIC energiGUNE joining to Safety, Aging, and Postmortem Group within Power Storage, Batteries and Supercaps area.


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