• Int. Conference on Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries (ICLSB) 2021
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Invited talk:Polymer-based solid-state Li-S cell development)
  • Li-S Conference
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Talk: PEO-based all-solid-state Li-S batteries)
  • 7th Workshop "Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries"
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Invited talk: Development of all-solid-state polymer Li-S cells)
  • Li-SM3- 2018 Conference
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Talk: Salt and additive effects in PEO-based all-solidstate Li-S batteries)
  • Dresden Battery Days- Fraunhofer
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Poster: Parameters Influencing All Solid State Li-S Batteries With Polymer-Rich Composite Electrolytes)
  • POF17
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Talk: Evaluation of polymer-rich composite electrolytes for all solid state Li-S batteries)
  • 3rd Dresden Conference "Energy in Future" and the 4th workshop "Li S Batteries"
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Poster:Li-S cell development at CIC Energigune)
  • ABAA8
    • CHUNMEI LI ( Poster: The impact of cell processing on Li-S batteries performance)

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